Monday, January 23, 2017

SketchBook #5: Carcharodon Carcharius

Yes, I decided to number them since it's basically a series. Essentially, I'm just spamming my Instagram art and then some, but I'm also giving some context to what I've done, so it's hopefully better.

If you've been following my instagram (optic_chiasma) you must've noticed the double shark spread I did recently. There's a pretty long story behind it, so if you're ready for it, let's get started.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sherlock V Sherlock

You've heard of Batman V Superman. Now get ready for Sherlock V Sherlock.

The fourth season of Sherlock just ended and it was surprisingly satisfying, despite the initial mess the first episode of the series was. If you haven't seen the series yet, don't read this post, because I'll probably be referring to a lot of spoilers and if I were you, I wouldn't want to know about them until I was done watching the series for myself.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Before You Pick Your Weapon-

Hello boys and girls! I'm Dr Kanra Khan (not yet, wait three more years) and today we're going to be going over something that seems to fascinate the youth of today. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes, that's right. All those wonderful comments that people leave on the internet, just three letters, really. Are we on the same wavelength yet?

KYS. An acronym for "kill yourself", KYS is like.. well. It's really bad okay. You should never go around telling random people on the internet to kill themselves. That's never nice. Although if you really want to kill someone in that passive aggressive way, it's not that bad an option at all.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Upcoming Posts

I've been having a pretty rough week (isn't every week like that?). It's had it's ups and downs but honestly, I've just been waiting for the weekend to roll back around. I keep thinking about the load of work I need to do and just thinking about it exhausts me sometimes. And then Monday rolls back so fast, it's almost terrifying.

I thought I'd do this post to motivate myself a little and to give you guys a heads up about the kind of content I'm currently working on. I'm kind of excited to write these out! I hope you find them just as interesting to read about!

Monday, January 9, 2017


no, I'm not archiving this blog. I was going through my old blog- the old "the emo wolverine writes". It's still up, just the URL has been changed. Anyway, I had originally thought about revamping some of the posts there and publishing them here, but I don't think 'the emo wolverine writes' has content that can be revamped and put on 'The Lunar Descent'.

I mean, don't get me wrong, they're both my blogs and I really like what I've written there. But 'the emo wolverine writes' is basically me word vomiting about things that have happened to me. It's literally a diary- sometimes in the form of pictures, sometimes in the form of narrations and skits. That's not what The Lunar Descent is, not anymore.

I just browsed through some of my own latest posts and I'm not sure how to categorize my blog haha. But anyway, here are a couple of interesting posts worth reading that I dug up from my old blog.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Are You Asleep On Duty?

I'm pretty sure everybody has had their 'emo' teenage phases, whether it was obsessing over aesthetics or people or ideas. I'm not sure if you could accurately summarize your phase though- there are just so many aspects to take into account that you can't really summarize it, just like how you can't summarize a person. Maybe your teenage phase consisted of trading Pokemon cards or playing the game, or pretending the world was a simulation, or imagining yourself on an adventure.

I was the kind of kid who liked building an imaginary world, augmented by ideas and concepts I hoarded almost jealously from my favorite tv shows and books. It would be a lie if I said that I didn't obsess over fictional characters. It would also be a lie if I said that those characters didn't shape me. I am not lying when I say that it was all very childish and embarrassing, now that I think about it, but considering how I was 15, 16, just in the middle of the teenage timeline, I'm not very surprised.

If, out of that tangled mess, I had to pick one thing that I could state without embarrassing myself, it would be this one quote that the 15 year old me would be busy scrawling everywhere.
When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.
I didn't know where this came from. I didn't care who said it. All I knew was that it sounded nice and it fit in with my fictional world and nestled against concepts like crusading against all the obstacles thrown in my way. You see, back when I was 15, the idea of watching and rebelling- or at least, fighting injustice, was a pretty romantic concept. Maybe it was because those young teenage years are when you're so full of ideas and you feel like such an adult, you're busy trying to find ways to express yourself.

Five years later, and I'm still finding myself head over heels for rebelling- protesting, fighting. The concept hasn't lost any of it's enticing visions of bravery, courageousness and righteousness. Send me to a protest, hand me a sign, and I'll stand there for something I believe in.

I thought this was something normal. That everyone felt the same way and that if you walked up to the average person and handed them a sign, they're stand for your cause too. Things don't work that way, unfortunately. I'll tell you how I found out.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017

Yes, you guessed it. This is my resolutions post again.

For some reason, I've started feeling very tired. I'm not really in the mood for resolutions, especially since a few of last year's resolutions haven't been completed. I think I may be feeling this way since I don't have any winter vacations to relax in? Or maybe I'm still carrying a lot of stress on my back.

I'm not sure.

Here are the resolutions I had for 2016:

I think what's really made me give up on resolutions is how you just stop thinking about them once they're written down. I didn't think about saying anything nice and genuine to someone everyday. I know I should have (I mean how hard is this resolution?) but I didn't. I must've read, by a maximum estimation, only ten books. I did write my blog regularly (the only break I took was during my professional examinations). I'm not sure if I learned how to handle anxiety and stress.

I suppose 2016 has been a good year in terms of interacting with people, although the times when I was very antisocial tend to stick out more. I did buy that sketchbook though and I ended up converting it into a notebook, so that's one completed resolution. I kept a happy jar. I wasn't too harsh on myself when it came to academics. I've been slacking off horribly when it comes to tafsir though.

I'm not sure if I should write resolutions for 2017. I've already written a few blog related resolutions that you can read up here. But yeah, I'm just not in the mood for more 2017 resolutions that will be mostly broken. Let's stick to one resolution then?

Goals for 2017: Make the world a better place.

Won't you join me?

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