Friday, December 30, 2016

All the Good Things of 2016

that happened to me.

Since this is the last blog post of 2016, I figured it should end on a happy note. I've decided to open up my happy jar and see what I've accumulated over the year. I may not have written ALL of the happy things down, but I've written a few and I can make do with them.

In case you don't know what a happy jar, it's basically a jar or a container that you put slips of paper in describing the good thing that happened to you in the day. You fold it up and put it inside the jar. I made myself this little project so that I could open the slips whenever I'd feel depressed, so I would remember all the times I was happy and I'd know that there is so much more to me than the situation I'm feeling helpless in. Thankfully, I have not come across a single occasion in this entire year where I had a depression "phase" as bad as the ones in I had in first year. I never opened up my happy jar before this.

In retrospect, there's something I want to say before you start reading this.

I've decided to share this post on Facebook. Not because I want point out who ended up in my happy jar, but to mention how these little actions and comments can really make someone's day. There are some things I've written I don't remember, but there are some things that I can remember the entire scene of. And I will always have a positive outlook on the people who have said something positive to me or have boosted my morale in some sort of way. Always, always say something nice to people. Be spontaneous about it. It's not hard to end up in someone's happy jar, the subconscious shelf of memories we have in our limbic system.

(also i need 50 followers ok 2016 is almost over and I've been stuck on 48 for a good six months, facebook is my utter and last resort)

Anyway. Back to the point. I'm not writing them in chronological order, but in the order that I take them out in. Are you ready? Let's start.

You can draw and knit and crochet! You are talented!
I don't know what prompted this... What a way to open a happy jar.

22nd July. When that lady followed you out of the masjid because she wanted to help the hypoglycemic lady inside and you gave her cookies.
Oh I remember this. I remember this. I remember walking out of the masjid with my bag. I remember her asking if I had something sweet for the hypoglycemic lady inside and initially saying "no" to her and then suddenly remembering I had a pack of cookies, and I quickly brought them out and gave it to her. I remember walking back to class with a spring in my step. I remember feeling helpful.

26th Feb. When you showed your notes to Laiba and Dr Bilal asked for your book and said that you should talk to a publisher for these- the notes were useful even for him!
I remember this. We were in our Neuroscience module. We had a formative. Laiba must have been in my study group. I remember what page I had out- it was the page with all the cut sections of the brain stem and spinal cord. I remember. I felt very good about my notes, especially since I write them in a way to make even a stranger understand and to be told by a member of a teaching faculty that they were helpful really boosted my self esteem.

When you and Amena and Maryam went out to eat gol gappay together and brought chat to eat in Shifa greens! Wasn't that fun? You had a formative that day!
I don't remember this! But I appreciate how the then me is emphasizing that putting fun before formatives was definitely the way to go!

Remember SIST 16 where you met Lalarukh, Samera, Zainab and Mahnoor? Remember how Samera hugged you and was so glad to see you? Because we're friends.
I really do. Have phases in my life when I feel like I don't have any friends and I wonder if there's something wrong with me or why no one likes me or talks to me. I know it's all just me, me and my bad thoughts, and this memory here proves it. I do have friends. I have lots of friends. I love my friends. Of course I remember this. How could I not?

27th Feb. When you and Lalarukh went to Maryam's house to surprise her but ended up getting surprised yourself.
I don't remember this! But judging from this, I'm guessing the 'ended up getting surprised yourself' refers to Maryam's engagement? I'm not sure, but that's probably it. (Note for next time; be specific about surprises).

Remember that time Zak saw your notes and started shouting about how perfect they were? Like you selected a font on Microsoft Word and printed everything.
I remember this. I remember. I remember the session. It was a research session where Dr Sajida divided the class into four groups. I remember that I was sitting in the corner, next to the wall. I remember it was the Endocrinology and Reproduction module. I remember someone taking my notebook for some reason and I remember this guy shouting to the entire class about my notes. Haha. I've never seen anyone that enthusiastic about something I've done.

Remember that time Orooj said she used to read your Instagram posts and she really liked them?
I think I remember this. This was after I came back from Kashmir. I had been writing long posts on Instagram on how things were going. I really felt good, knowing that someone was genuinely reading what I was writing and actually liking it. It made me feel like maybe writing these things on Instagram was worth it. It made me want to continue using Instagram as a creative photograph blog.

Remember that time you made the PBL presentation and your entire group huddled to see it so you could explain it? You felt so useful.
This was kinda dumb actually xD no one in my group wanted to make the presentation so I ended up doing it and then the day of the presentation, I got everything set up and I had already shared the presentation with Laiba who was going to present it. Yes, this is another Neuroscience memory. But then it turned out that the entire group needed to be on stage? Or something like that? So we had a sort of an emergency meeting in the middle of the class where everyone tried reading the presentation on my phone and I explained it as best as I could. I suppose it's a good memory since it reminds me that I can be useful and I can get some kinds of jobs done for sure.

Remember that day when Bakhtawar said that she was glad you were her friend and that if it weren't for you, she would not have stayed in Shifa?
I can't remember this even though it's been written pretty clearly, but this makes me feel warm and fuzzy already.

Remember when you went to Karachi and Dr Shazia asked about where you went because she missed you and thought you were a smart person!
I remember this. Dr Shazia didn't ask me, specifically. She asked Mehpara where I went and Mehpara told me how Dr Shazia said these things. I remember sitting in Karachi and grinning so hard like 'Really? She asked about me? She thinks I'm smart?'. I'm not smart. But if someone thinks I am, then I'll do my very best not to disappoint them.

Those are all the chits I have for 2016. One of my resolutions for 2017 will be write more of these because they were genuinely enjoyable to read and remembering them really did make me feel better about myself.

How would you sum up your 2016?

Monday, December 26, 2016

I Remember 2016 With You

A lot of things happened in 2016. Some things were good and some things were bad. It's a bit of a universal agreement that humans tend towards remembering the more negative events that have occurred rather than the positives. And it's true. We're more likely to be impacted by events that hurt us in some sort of way cause that leaves scars.

2016 is a year that seems to have more loss than gain. So many things happened and the world seems to be changing at an alarming rate every day, always for the worst. Whenever I think maybe- just maybe, the year will have something happy to close it off- something bad happens, whether it was a city under siege, or it was an ambassador getting shot. I personally feel like these negative events made me more receptive to the positive events as well, few as they were.

But today is not for the positives. Today is for all the people I will always associate 2016 with, not because they were tragic headlines and news stories, but because 2016 was the last year that they had to give something to the world. And give, they did.

Muhammad Ali
(January 17, 1942 to June 3, 2016)
“Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? No I’m not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over. This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here. I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn’t have to draft me, I’d join tomorrow. I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I’ll go to jail, so what? We’ve been in jail for 400 years.”
I'm not from the generation that regarded Muhammad Ali as a hero. That generation was my father's, back when young boys would listen to the radio in fascination about how a black Muslim boxer beat a white Christian opponent in the ring in still racist America. Muhammad Ali had been the champion of the Muslim world with all the social odds stacked against him and he emerged victorious and people loved him.
For me, Muhammad Ali was always associated with Malcolm X. For me, he was a side character, a relic of what was left of Malcolm X, because all I learned about Muhammad Ali, I learned from The Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told To Alex Haley. An amazing book, by the way. I've read it several times over and I can't shake off the feeling that I somehow knew Malcolm X, like he is somehow my friend. Which is a bizarre feeling, but there it is. That's how good that autobiography is.
When Muhammad Ali's demise came around, everyone felt it. There seemed to be a palpable depression in the air, as the legend of an entire generation's childhood breathed no more.
I learned more about Muhammad Ali after he died. I learned what he did, what he said, what he believed in and I realized that we really did lose an iconic human being this year.

Abdus Sattar Eidhi
(January 1, 1928 to July 8, 2016)

“So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ And I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”

Abdus Sattar Eidhi was a humanitarian and a philanthropist who did Pakistan a great service. Whenever you see an ambulance on the streets, there is a 90% chance it's Eidhi's. He had been quite sick, but had refused to leave the country for medical help. There had also been one or two incidents on social media where people visited Eidhi and took 'selfies' with him which prompted a LOT of backlash as people did not like how Eidhi was being treated (despite claims of Eidhi being okay with pictures).
Anyway, I personally feel like Eidhi was a great person. He may have said some controversial things in an effort to get his point across, but considering where he came from and what he's done and how much of a service he has given to his nation, he truly is a hero.

Junaid Jamshed
(September 3, 1964 – December 7, 2016)

My aim in times to come is not to just work with Muslims but to actually sing songs for everyone and sing songs in which people all over the world can relate to.

Junaid Jamshed has always been part of Pakistan with his ever famous "Dil Dil Pakistan".
Once again, I just wasn't that crowd.
I was never interested in Junaid Jamshed. He wasn't my childhood. My childhood was Dawud Wharnsby, Sami Yusuf and Yusuf Islam. When I came to Pakistan, I was stubborn and I refused to get into what people listened to, preferring to stick with the little bits and pieces of America that I tried to drag back with me to Pakistan.
My cousins though. When I moved to Islamabad, my cousins were my first interaction in regards to Junaid Jamshed. It had been a 14th August and everyone was pumped, having dragged speakers outside and hooked up national anthems, but always playing Junaid Jamshed on repeat.
On their insistence, I brought home a USB filled with his works. In this environment, my mother also began playing his audios through YouTube. My brother loved singing with him.
I think there was still some stubbornness in me, still carried over from America, that did not let me like Junaid Jamshed. I remember when Ali Haider took the same path, switching from pop songs to nasheeds, and I secretly hoped he would replace Junaid Jamshed, or at least become an alternative to him. To say I was disappointed, is the truth.
Nevertheless, I was much more attached to this figure than the first two I've mentioned because Junaid Jamshed was a constant entity in my house through his nasheeds. When I found out about his unfortunate airplane crash, the point hit home the next day, when it was clear that things weren't a joke. This man was gone.
Of course, he's said some controversial things, but you can't deny that he too, has been the face of Pakistan. My mother, when his funeral prayers were being broadcast, kept saying again and again "do you think Junaid Jamshed ever dreamed of his funeral to be like this? Did he ever dream of being given so much respect after his death?" (and of course, being the desi mom she is, she'd start lecturing us like "this is how you should die! affecting as many people as possible who will pray for your maghfirat!" and I'm like uhhhhh ok mom I'm not a pop singer but I'll see what I can do with my blog).
After he died, lots and lots of people wrote things about him on Facebook, his family came on tv to give interviews, and I realized how much of an affect he really did have on people around him. You can say he wasn't perfect, but you have to admit, he did give everyone something to be proud of. He was a national icon. He will definitely be missed.

These were only a few of the many famous people who've died in 2016. Some honorable mentions include Alan Rickman (Professor Snape of Harry Potter), Fidel Castro (that guy we read about in the world history chapters and I forget what he did), Harper Lee (author of To Kill A Mockingbird), and David Bowie (that guy who was in the Labyrinth movie with all those puppets).

What people will you remember in association with 2016? Have a nice day!

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 is Coming to an End

It's 23rd December. Some of you might be really happy about it, since you're got your holiday season starting (winter vacations for my siblings has started) and other people have events like Christmas and New Years coming up. Unfortunately for me, I have neither of these things.

You heard read right. I have no winter vacations and certainly no festival or holiday to look forward to as 2016 ends. So I figured I could do something all on my lonesome. First of all, I really stepped back and evaluated myself. Here are a couple of things I've picked up so far
1. I have not been blogging seriously. Most posts were written on a whim and I feel as though the quality bar has really plummeted. That's not what the Lunar Descent is about! 
2. Continuing that last point, can you believe that I completely forgot about the Lunar Descent's 2nd birthday? Completely forgot about it. In fact, I remembered when I wrote the date at the start of this post and I just sat there and stared at my screen for a good 10 minutes wishing I could turn back time and write that 6th December post. How could I forget my own child's birthday? I feel like a horrible blog author. 
3. I've stopped doing a lot of productive things I used to do for my blog. I don't know where my blogging notebook has gone and I've stopped writing down ideas for blog posts. My art journal has been put on a halt and I can't find the energy to take out my paints. I feel like I've been pouring all my creativity into my studying and let me tell you, it doesn't feel good. 
4. I've also been taking a lot of random stress, whether it's a lost history notebook or an exam or an unfinished syllabus to study. Not to mention I've been trying to study for the USMLE as well so everything been pretty jumbled up together.
You know what this means? This means I have to sit down and really get everything back into place, whether its blogging or USMLE or my art or general studying. The only resolutions I've going to be focusing on for this blog post however, are blog resolutions, mostly to make up for the blogoversary I missed.

Look at me making random pictures for like, no reason.

Blogging Resolutions for The Lunar Descent

  • Make more medical related posts. Kind of like the one about Neurosciences. I feel like this post really became quite a hit. The format is easy enough and it really helps break things down for me as well. This way, I can have content for my blog as well as get some studying/revision done in a fun way!
  • Write more study posts. I've started brand new subjects that sound super cool like Forensic Medicine and Pathology and Microbiology and these really deserve a post of their own! Plus, like I said before, I've been pouring a lot of my creativity into my studying so I should really show off my new shiny notes! Although the downside to this is that my iPhone camera is being really messed up and I'm not sure I want to use the camera for any blog pictures or instagram pictures anymore. I tried to handle this by charging my old phone (the HTC HD7 I cried a lot about on my old blog) but it's not charging for some reason...
  • I also want to some sort of giveaway. Like maybe I could mail people something really nice (something that would fit in the envelope and wouldn't weigh a ton) or I could draw/illustrate something for people digitally. Either way, I really want to do something nice for the people who read my blog! I'm thinking about holding the giveaway in April so I can announce the winners in May (which is when I have my birthday) and celebrate that way :p
  • Create a pdf compilation. Listen, when Eve from Edge of Night compiled all her poems into a book form and then sent it out, I was impressed. I was impressed beyond description. I want to try something like that. For that, I need to learn how to create a pdf document with good editing and formatting, but way before that, I need to have good content...
  • Make versatile posts. No, I don't mean in terms of content. I meant like, writing poetry, and descriptions, and flowery things. The kind of stuff that means utter nonsense but looks and sounds really nice so people love it. That kind of stuff. Hey, I'm adding things to my writing portfolio, remember?
  • Write more about my experiences in med school. What happened to my "It's Medventure Time!"? I need to kick it back into action. 
Well, those are all the resolutions I can think up of from the top of my head. I might add some things sooner or later. My last posts of 2016 will be focusing on just that; the end of 2016. It might be good, it might be bad, but it'll definitely be worth the read. Have a nice day!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

I just finished watching this new "online" movie, recently released by DJuice Pakistan. Of course, I didn't watch it episode by episode, but rather all in one sitting.

First of all, it's a pretty innovative movie. It consists of the viewer making choices for the story to progress, but of course, it's all very simple and more often than not, the characters are breaking the fourth wall. I found this very interesting! Even though the choices were very limited and the story had only one way to go (there are no "multiple" endings, just a single one).

Nevertheless, there were definitely some moments that I liked (Sangeen Khan was really cute at the end) and there were some moments that were a little "ehh" (like when Sherry did some kamehameha stuff....) but I have to admit, it's a unique effort and I've never seen anything like it before.

Of course there were also several promotions going on during the story of DJuice services, whether it was their internet services or clear voice communication, which wasn't bad enough to be seriously annoying.

One thing I really didn't like about it was how it's not really a genuine movie. It starts off with a plot, but it doesn't reach it's end. We don't see any of the characters reach Karachi, even though they had all been yelling about getting there on time throughout the film. Where did Xara's clothes and purse go? Yes, the same things that she had been crying about half the film. So in that regards, I felt that the whole movie was quite inconsistent.

The whole point of the show (writing your own story in life) was nice although something about it still makes me a little uneasy. Maybe it's the whole delivery of it? Whatever point they were trying to convey was pretty much muddled (I guess DJuice needs to work on their communication skills) and I ended up feeling like what I had watched was very incomplete.

However, I must stress again. This was an amazing effort and I genuinely enjoyed watching this online film. If DJuice makes another, I would definitely watch that one as well.

Here's the first episode if you want to watch it/play the story for yourself! Have a nice day!

Friday, December 16, 2016

How To Write Reflections

Today I'm going to teach you how to write reflections for multiple reasons which I'll list out below:
-I got an assignment on reflective writing
-It's the most easiest solid thing I learned that I can share with you guys
-2016 is coming to an end and what better time than this to learn reflective writing?

What is reflective writing though? Reflective writing works on this model:

Fair enough, right? You work in that order to think about a problem you've had. That's it. That's reflective writing. That's all you gotta know. You start writing or thinking. It helps to make this a regular habit since you'll be able to seriously learn from your experiences.

Here's what I wrote. Not only will it give you an idea about reflective writing, but it'll also let you know about how my week had been going.

Earlier this week, I found out that my history notebook had been misplaced. This history notebook was very important because it needed to be submitted at the end of the gynecology rotation. I had given it to one of my receptors to get checked and it had gone missing in the process. 
When I first found out about my notebook going missing, I was not alarmed since I had been told that I would get my grades put in without the history notebook. When I found out that the entire portfolio needed to be submitted, I became worried and decided to check in with the clinical administration. They told me that I would need to rewrite the entire notebook in order for it to be submitted and my grades to be calculated, which made me feel like the entire procedure was very unfair for me. My friend and I forwarded the incident to a few other preceptors, which made me feel apprehensive. I received a call just this weekend explaining that my notebook had been found, which made me feel very relieved. The incident came to a close with some received feedback. 
The good thing about this incident was that it made me get out of my comfort zone to talk to people in order to get my work done. It also showed me all the ways that you could approach an issue, such as talking in person, sending an email or discussing with the correct authorities. I also learned that it's important to cover all of your bases right from the start and that if something seems fishy, it's important to hammer out the details, as well as the fact that there is a hierarchy that needs to approached in a correct way if you want your concerns to be addressed. 
The bad thing about this incident included the fact that I ended up getting quite stressed over it and was finding it difficult to focus on my studies. I also kept imagining the worst outcomes and was mentally preparing for them. At one point I had even given up and decided to start working on a new history notebook quietly. I also found myself more easily irritable and on edge. 
Thinking over this incident, I have decided to focus on all the things that went right. I feel that it was the right thing to do when I decided to approach the administration to question on how the mishap could be dealt with. It was also the right thing to email the correct authorities to update them on what had happened and ask for their help. These actions should have been done right from the start if there had been continuous communication though. 
Concluding this incident, I realized that there were ways in which the situation could have been handled better. First of all, this entire situation could have been avoided if we had decided to value giving things directly, instead of giving things on time. My friend and I had been focusing on trying to get our work done on the time we had promised to turn it in and this had resulted in a mishap with stress and a whole week lost. Secondly, we should have gone to get our history notebooks checked up by the person they were supposed to go to. That way, we would have found out about the mishap much earlier and been able to do something about it. Thirdly, we had ended up thinking about making a new notebook entirely, instead of looking for the lost notebook. Assuming that notebooks would get lost in a hospital that runs on patient files that look absolutely identical was not the right course of action. 
If this sort of incident was to happen to me again, I would definitely react in a different. My first plan of action would be to find whatever is missing. Most of the time, such things have only been misplaced and people dismiss the value of the lost item by just saying "get another one". I should also improve my communication skills. I found myself stuttering half the time when I needed to speak out about what my problem was. Maybe I didn't appear to have any communication issues to a third person, or even the second person I was talking to, but I certainly felt some fluency was lost under the pressure of the situation. I should practice my verbal skills more in order to be able to convey my grievances properly next time. Apart from that, I also need to pay more attention to orienting myself in regards to the hierarchy of authorities to approach for a problem, instead of approaching whoever I find most accessible. It's important to work within the system in order to minimize more problem arising from the primary concern.
Have you ever thought reflectively about things that have happened in your life? This whole exercise would especially be interesting for people who keep daily journals, although if you don't keep a journal, this could definitely be a good prompt if you would like to get started! Have a nice day!

Monday, December 12, 2016

What I Expected in Youtube Rewind 2016

I just finished watching Youtube Rewind and I'm going to be straight up honest with you; it was horrible. I didn't recognize anything at all. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was just a bunch of random things put in that did not reflect 2016 at all.

The 2015 Youtube Rewind was much better! Before I get started on 2016, watch the 2015 one (if you haven't). It's really nice!

I can actually recognize people in here? There's Lilly Singh and Miranda Sings and Lindsey Stirling and the JUST DO IT meme! And I actually knew about the Nae Nae song xD The whole video was overall really happy and catchy! And Markiplier was in it too with his Five Nights at Freddys (probably my most favorite segment of it?) as well Pewdiepe (how can he not be in a Youtube Rewind, he's literally the face of Youtube, the biggest channel there is...). I also saw the mic drop reference there, the ALS challenge reference, . I mean seriously, this video made so much sense in terms of what Youtube was doing in 2015.

Anyway, let's move on to 2016...

All I recognized from this video was
- The Rock. Why is he even in this rewind though. Is it cause of Moana? I don't know!
- Pokemon Go
- Pine apple pen
- Mannequin Challenge, dabbing
- Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Lilly Singh, Trevor Noah, that 21 pilots guy.
That's it. That's all I recognize.

Here are five things that should have been in this year's Youtube Rewind:

5) Donald Trump
No, for real. All of 2016, EVERYONE was talking about the American elections and making videos on Donald Trump. How is this not in the Youtube Rewind?? You'll put Alpha Cat pretending to be Barack Obama in the 2012 Rewind but you can't put all the people who tried to look like Donald Trump and talk like Donald Trump throughout Youtube, whether they were talk show hosts (you put Trevor Noah in there!!) or other Youtubers. Well ok. Whatever floats your boat.

4) 2016 Movies
No one mentioned Star Wars? What about Marvel? Or DC? There were a ton of movies that came out that every one had been really excited for! What about Finding Dory! Not a single movie reference anywhere. I mean come on, everyone will be remembering 2016 as the year of Civil War in terms of cinematics, right?

3) But
No reference to all the videos spamming everyone's feed like "The Bee Movie But every time someone says Bee, we show you a meme" or "We Are Number One But a crusader edition" or something like that. No reference to this at all. Even though it's been flooding Youtube. Nice.

2) The End Of Vines
Now I personally don't watch vines very much, but come on. Everyone's heard of Thomas Sanders, right? He's got the nicest vine videos! His main platform was vine and of course, he shifted to Youtube later. But the point is: YouTube rewind will put in Damn Daniel, but not Thomas Sanders? This is an unfair representation of vine's end (if that's what they were trying to get at). And if they put in Damn Daniel just for the meme, there were lots of other better memes in 2016. Like the kermit meme. Or Harambe. Or Joe Biden and Obama.

1) Youtube Drama
There was so much Youtube drama and I am honestly very surprised it wasn't mentioned at all! Not even a little bit! There was no mention of Leafy, Keemstar, iDubbz or GradeA. There was no mention of the "roast yourself" challenge or the whole "diss track" thing that was running all of 2016. So yes, this was really disappointing. I'd been watching these videos and wondering how they would show up in the rewind, but they didn't show up at all? This, apart from everyone complaining about Youtube's 'new' algorithm was all that everyone ever was talking about on Youtube!

I THINK I KNOW WHY THIS REWIND HAS SUCH AN APOLOGETIC SONG NOW. Why else would you constantly have "Oh oh did I let you down? Is it too late to say sorry now?" play through out your rewind video? Oh is it because you knew you dun goofed even before you wrote the script? Or is it because you jumped on the mainstream band wagon of "2016 has been a horrible year"? Either way, I'd been waiting for this rewind since 2016 started and I am honestly, kind of disappointed.

What are your thoughts about Youtube Rewind 2016? Have a nice day!

Monday, December 5, 2016

5 Reasons 2 Hire me

If you've been following me on twitter, you might be a little confused as to what I'm up to. One day, I'll post an ad for hiring a personal assistant, the next day I'll be complaining about how I can't seem to be able to save money.

So of course! The obvious answer was to get a job! Cause that way I could hire a personal assistant (or at least be able to pay them in the candy and dinner they deserve) as well as have money to spend instead of save. The next question was; how do I get a job?

I thought a lot about it and then I remembered that you can sell anything on the internet, so I decided to market myself out and try to get an easy job, right? Especially since I've signed up on websites like and but can't ever seem to find a job that fits my requirements, in terms of skill needed and time given.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are 5 reasons why YOU should hire me + a bonus reason.

1. I'm creative.
Look at me! I run a blog! Have you looked at my instagram page! I have a theme there! Let me show you my art journals!

2. I'm flexible.
Have you seen a medical student blogging painting tweeting and studying for the USMLE at the same time? No, right? There we go.

3. I'm experienced.
Please, I'm blogging here and simultaneously running my society's instagram page while just having finished compiling a booklet for them which I did right after I entered data for a bunch of questionnaires and also got a couple of histories taken and submitted. Got a job? 900% chance I've done it before and tweeted while I was at it.

4. Help a future doctor out.
Listen! If you give me a job, I'm automatically in your contact list. You know what that means? Your kid gets a cold? You call me up and I'm giving you a free telephone consultation. Do you know how valuable a telephone consultation is? I'm saving you a trip to your neighborhood clinic and that's saving you a good two hours and quite a bit of money. Trust me, I'm a valuable investment.

5. Equivalent exchange; work vs money.
We're both getting what we want? You get me to do stuff for you and I get money to go buy myself some books. Completely a win win situation.

6. I can make nice graphics.
Get me to draw for you or something. Some of the stuff I make isn't actually all that bad! 

And there we have it, 5+1 reasons why you should hire me. Have a nice day.
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