Monday, June 27, 2016

Get Off My Blog! 10 Ways To Make Me Hate You (Part Two)

This is the internet and I can block people and mute them. I can control, to some extent, who can affect me, and who can't. Of course I'm going to use this privilege, especially when its something I can't exercise in real life. You could tell me to take criticism and disliked opinions in a responsible, adult fashion but amn't I already doing that in my life outside the internet? So yes, take your arguments some place else if you don't want to be blocked or muted.

I've already shared before about a couple of types of people that I didn't like. Here are a couple more. Before you go on, continue reading, I just want to remind you that these are all exaggerations. I'm not going to start hating on you if you do anything like that- it's okay to slip up sometimes and I personally have a pretty tough skin and thin memory. I end up forgetting a lot of previous offenses, but if someone's been really stubborn about getting their point across, you bet it's not going to be pretty.

Oh wait, where you talking? I didn't know- anyway, stop and listen to me // You know there's a difference between being a chatterbox and being just plain narcissistic. A chatterbox is constantly talking, but it's always about a variety of things that an average introvert can some how give a conversational input to. That's the essence of a chatterbox- they open people up and get them to talk too. A narcissist, on the other hand, must always hold the stage and it's always about them. To an extent, all bloggers are narcissists because we're all just busy talking about ourselves on our blogs. BUT that's okay because everyone gets to do that! A narcissist in real life wouldn't let you say anything at all, and even if you did manage to say something, they'd treat it as useless information and move on with their own little speeches. So yes, if you're like this and expect me just listen to whatever you have to say without getting my own voice, well then INSTA-BLOCK.

I'm better than you and you better believe it // I just in general hate it when people get all superior and snubby on me. I think my readers must have realized that from the rant I did about "khaas chai/rishta" and how I didn't like the way people talked about their tea like it was somehow better than mine? It's not just chai though, sometimes vegan supreme-ism makes me mad, sometimes it's when you're arguing and the other person just refuses to put down their ego for like, two seconds. So yes, there's a lot of reasons I don't like people with a superiority complex, whether it's online or in real life. Online though, I can just UN-FRIEND.

Hey check this **** out, it's so ******* cool and I ******* love it! // You know, if all of your adjectives and adverbs are replaced by just two words, something is definitely wrong with you. From my point of view at least. The English language is filled with so many words that you can use, like you can call a chair a chair, and then you can also call it a decent chair, or a cool chair. So why can't you do that? Why do people have to conform to this massacre of English and severely cripple the capability of speech? So if you're one of these people, INSTA-MUTE.

I LOVE your posts, your blog, everything you've done! // Um, I don't see you following me BACK on twitter or blogger or bloglovin' or anything so uh, are you lying. I don't want to be rude or anything, but if you're telling people you love them or their work and it's purely a PR thing (gotta look good on camera, right?) then you're just losing ten tonnes of my respect- oh look, there it goes in the wind- it's gone. I'm not going to unfollow your blog or anything if I like your content, but you as a person? You're pandering to your readers and that's all I am right. Never going to be your fan and most certainly not your friend.

Can you do this for me? Thank you so much! I'll see you in the next century! // I know I'm good at a lot of things, for real, and I'm really happy if I can use my talents and skills and position to help people out. But sometimes, you really invest yourself into the task and then people come and take everything away (and you'd be okay with that initially-) and then they never credit you? Or sometimes they slap it in your face with a "What have you ever done for me?" or "You didn't even help me". I did something stupid like, just three weeks ago. Someone was looking for a partner in a project and I thought "hey why not" so I decided to help them out. We had to make a social media account and guess what. They were underage so I had to use my email and my phone number. You think they'd be grateful but they were the exact opposite and I was very enraged and decided to quit it- I refused to have a minor dictate things and act as my boss and I refused to even try making things work. Is it surprising that the entire account and project was taken over and that person listed as the sole creator? What a waste of my email address and phone number. Anyway, SCREEN-SHOT.


So what kind of peeves bother you when it comes to interacting with people, whether in real life or online? What do you think about the mute/block function available? Do you use it to clear out people from your immediate vicinity? Have a nice day!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Is This Baby The Right Size?

I had a twitter poll up a few days ago, asking about what kind of post you (the reader) would like to read. There had been a tie between art journal ramblings and med school shenanigans. I've already written about art journal ramblings, where I talked about the dylusions art journal I got. Don't worry though, there will be way more art journal posts coming soon! Today however, will be about random things I've done in med school.

Maybe I should explain a little about how my med school is. It's an institution, yes, but it's located inside the hospital, so that means that med students get to wander around the corridors and can be mistaken for actual doctors. However, now that I've spent almost two years here, I've realized that most doctors don't usually wear white coats. Moving on, here's something random I did the last time I was in school.

It was a hot day and I really wanted to go home. It was the last day before our 'summer' break started. I go home with two other girls in my class in a taxi and the taxi wasn't here yet so we were lounging in the lobby, sitting on benches, waving bye to all the other girls who were leaving- whether it was back to the United States, the Middle East or distant towns in Pakistan. It wasn't melancholic at all- we'd see each other again in four weeks, so despite the hugging and the "have a great summer!" exclamations, we settled back in our seats, eager to get home and out of the heat.

A friend of mine- let's call her S- had left about ten minutes ago, only to return almost frantically. She came up to me and said urgently "Come here"

I thought she was having serious trouble about something so I leaped to my feet and followed her quickly.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked. "Shouldn't you be on your way home? You left ten minutes ago-"

"I am suffering from depression" she said, giving me a serious look. "And I need to hold a baby"

"Why're you depressed-" is the first question I blurt out. She'd been fine ten minutes ago! "And hold on- you need to hold a baby to feel better?"

She nods and continues "Now help me find a baby"

"Well, alright" I said. We walk through the hallways of the hospitals, looking for a baby. My first go to place had been the pediatric clinic and after climbing down stairs and walking through hallways, we went to the waiting room and looked for a baby.

"Is that baby fine?" I asked, trying to discretely point towards an infant lying down in a chair between who I assumed was it's mother and another woman.

"That's too small"

"Too small!" I spluttered as she plowed on towards the next corridor. "Too small! That baby looks just fine to me! Just pick it up and feel better-"

"I want a baby that can hold up it's head and smile. That one looks only a two or three months old"

I decide not to argue with that and we keep moving around the hospital, this time heading towards the larger, general waiting room. I scan the seats, looking for someone- anyone holding a baby. A big baby. A baby that could smile and hold up its head.

"How about that baby?" I asked, pointing yet again to another baby in a stroller. He was certainly big, looking around wide eyes and shoving his hands into his mouth. He also had a lot of baby fat.

"Oh yes, that baby is fine-" she says just as the father of the baby blocks our view, pulls down the sun screen and starts rolling the stroller out of the place.

"Go ask him if you can hold his baby" I said, following him a few steps behind.

"He looks scary! I'd rather ask a lady for a baby!"

I'm still not complaining at all these baby requirements, but now my phone rings and my friend texts me that the taxi is here.

"Look, you seem to be looking for a very specific baby and today just isn't the day for finding a baby in the hospital" I said. "When we come back, you know what we should do? We should go the gynaecology or obstetrics or neonatal department and make friends with the nurses so every time there's a new baby around, you can go pick it up"

She brightens considerably at this idea and we reach the outside gates of the hospital when I notice a woman walking beside me, holding the perfect baby.

"Look, look" I hiss, poking her. "That baby is just the right size, go ask for it!"

She quickly turns around, ambushing the lady and asks "Your baby. Can I take it?"

For one second, everyone just freezes. Imagine a doctor walking up to you and asking to take your baby, when you've finally managed to walk out of the hospital.


"I want to hold him" she clarifies. The mother reluctantly gives her baby and I sigh in relief. Mission accomplished, right?

"You've finally got your baby" I said with a laugh. "Are you happy now?"

"I'm really happy!" she says with a bright smile and she got to carry the baby all the way to the car they were leaving in.


And that's how we found a baby that was just the right size to hold. It was after everything was over that I realized how random we were and that I had to tell people about what kind of things we end up doing! It gets a laugh out of me and I hope it got a laugh out of you :)

As for a personal update, I've started watching Hannibal! I've finished the first season and I've got to ask-

Who did this scene better xD

Have a nice day! Let me know if you've seen Hannibal or are considering to watch Hannibal! I'd love to talk about it with someone :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

What I Thought About Captain America: Civil War

I think you've all read the post where I talked about all the things I expected from Marvel's latest release, Captain America: Civil War. Of course, I watched Civil War shortly after and here's what I thought about it. Spoiler warning? Spoiler warning.

First of all, I loved each and every character and the screen time they got, whether it was Spider-man (he was adorable okay), Ant-Man (basically the adult Team Cap version of Spider-man), Hawkeye (golf champion), Wanda (super OP and probably could be a team all on her own), Black Widow (she's literally everywhere and doesn't have her own movie yet), Black Panther (prince turned king who does whatever he likes), Vision (like an iPod human, but possibly less annoying). And we can't forget the main characters, right? Captain America (everyone's favorite blond american patriot), Bucky Barnes (confuzzled winter soldier with a COOL METAL ARM) and Iron Man (he seems to be spiraling further into the darkness with each new movie).

So regardless to say, I really enjoyed watching all the characters and Civil War was overall a fantastic movie. But of course, there's always a couple of things that bothered me a little. For example: why does Black Panther get to do whatever he wants? I'm not complaining, really, but if my king was running around in a foreign country, chasing after modified humans while trying to get the guy who apparently murdered the last king, I'd have a lot of problems. First off, who's running the country? Why're they all okay with this?? What if the guy who killed the old king kills the new king too? Did anyone think of that!!

Secondly, why did Hawkeye join Captain America. Was he not thinking about what it meant, going against higher authority? What's going to happen to his wife and kids! I guess Natasha would have to baby-sit them 24/7. Also, who's to stop the general (who put Team Captain into a high security prison in the middle of the ocean!!) from using Hawkeye's family as a bargaining chip? Like, I seriously doubt they'd have a problem doing it, even if Natasha and Tony Stark put their foot down on that.

Thirdly, the main antagonist. How come he went around, finding a link between Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark and Tony Stark couldn't do that? Yes, I get it, Iron Man wasn't in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but y'know, considering that the media was talking about a terrorist blowing up a building and killing the king of Wakanda, you'd do a background check or something?

What's the deal with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts anyway.

Steve Rogers needs to fix his wonky polygonal relationships. I do not approve of him and the blond girl who was in the secret government organization. He basically used her to get all this high security information. I was half-expecting her to be found out and thrown out of her job every time she showed up on the screen. Especially after the "do what you think is right" speech she gave at the funeral, considering that when you go against the government, trying to do the right thing, you're either ostracized and fired, or thrown in jail. So the cynical side of me was very sure this was going to happen, but it didn't. So hooray I guess BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT WASN'T DANGEROUS.

Also, this tumblr post:
And last but not least, doesn't anyone care about Tony Stark. Last we left him in the Iron Man series, he was suffering from PTSD, built a ton of robots obsessively, was compulsive, lost his house and seemed to have mini-break downs every now and then. Moving on to the last Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark builds an AI who ends up being quite powerful and decides that a meteor was needed to help earth evolve. He shifts from building a ton of suits for himself, to building a program designed to secure earth for him. That kind of sounds like Tony Stark saying "uh, guys I don't think I can fight that much anymore, y'know all the dangerous things we do and dangerous things I did, it's kind of giving me PTSD so I'm sort of building this AI that will help so I don't have to go out and keep doing things and seeing things that can trigger my PTSD" but of course, this plan BACKFIRES and he's ultimately created a sentient, malevolent being who thinks, in all honesty, it's doing the right thing.

Now fast forward back to the present. Look who else is thinking they're doing the right thing and in the process, kind of blowing up a building by accident by giving Wanda (a kid, by his own words) the clearance to go into a foreign country on a secret mission. It's really understandable, the way Tony seems to be unhitched, off balance most of the movie, especially with the conclusion that his parents had been targeted and killed by Bucky. That's all great story telling, right, but why isn't Tony's mental health being dealt with? I sincerely doubt blowing up all your suits means that you're A-OK with what happened in your past. And Tony is clearly not okay with anything.
Iron Man needs some mental therapy, stat, and it better not be Bruce Banner, writes Dr. Kanra on his file and mails it to the Avengers.
So those were my thoughts about Captain America: Civil War. What did you think about the movie?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Get Off My Blog! 10 Way To Make Me Hate You (Part One)

Before I start rambling about what you can do to make me hate you, here's a little disclaimer. I try my best, as a person and as a Muslim to forgive and forget. So far, I think I've done a pretty good job of it. Even if you do cross one or two of the lines below, I'd probably be okay with it the first time, but if you constantly poke your toe across, well then, good bye.

'Cause guess what? This is the internet and I can block people and mute them. I can control, to some extent, who can affect me, and who can't. Of course I'm going to use this privilege, especially when its something I can't exercise in real life. You could tell me to take criticism and disliked opinions in a responsible, adult fashion but amn't I already doing that in my life outside the internet? So yes, take your arguments some place else if you don't want to be blocked or muted...

Here are some thoughts you can express several times in my face and effectively make me hate you.

Muslims are terrorists // Um excuse you? The question here should be not that "are Muslims terrorists" but rather "should I waste my time on this ignorant person on the internet who has nothing better to do than spew half-baked buns of wrong information". Yes, so if you're on my twitter timeline or my blogger newsfeed and you're tossing things like this out, I'm sorry but INSTA-BLOCK.

One Direction is Love, One Direction is Life // I generally don't have a problem with One Direction but it's just that there was this one girl in school who was extremely obsessed with them and had the foulest mouth I'd come across in person (pewdiepie and leafyishere don't really count) hold that thought- there actually might be a contender for the title of "most foul language used in front of Kanra" but let's not talk about that. Anyway, so all this person talked about was One Direction. There was literally no common ground between her and the average person except One Direction. So I'm really sorry, but if some random boy band- cross that out, some random celebrity or celebrities- are all that your life revolves around, INSTA-MUTE.

Team Peeta, Team Edward, Team Captain America // What do all these have in common? Wonky polygon shaped relationship problems. Which one is the odd one out? Captain America because technically, he's from a comic book, not a YA book. You know how there are book lovers, book lovers everywhere and wait a second, you're a book lover too, right? So you decide to go talk to them (we've probably read the same books, right? I could talk to a person like that) and you bring up the most common book that everyone must have read- Harry Potter. "Hey you've read Harry Potter right, who's your favorite character?" you ask and you get this crazy answer like "What do you mean, who's my favorite character? How can you expect me to choose, with Harry being the literal incarnation of his mother's husband and basically standing for one of the Hogwarts houses while Draco also is the literal incarnation of his mother's husband, so they're both similar right- WRONG see Draco is nothing like his mother's husband and you know why? Cause Draco is weak and that's what makes him a great character-" and they're just talking at the speed of light and you put up your hands in this surrender thing and say "Hey, calm down. I have no idea what you're talking about, can you slow down and repeat it?" and they're like "Oh my God, you don't read the Harry Potter books with their commentary and analysis? Ugh, what a fake Harry Potter fan" and they hrmmmppphh and move on to other things. Yeah, so if you do something like this to me, UN-FRIENDED.

You look pretty. Ugly // I get it, sarcasm is the 'in' thing for the youth of the 21st century. If you wanna sound witty, smart, sophisticated, say something sarcastic. It's great most of the time, I love hearing sarcastic things and I say sarcastic things sometimes too. I always try to say something so sarcastic, people can tell I'm joking and it gets a laugh out of the conversation. That's all fun and nice, right? But what about people who don't know how to do anything but be sarcastic? Well, I'm really sorry, but I don't think we can be friends. See, if I have to worry about everything I say to you because I'm afraid you're going to say something that could possibly hurt my feelings, I'm not going to bother talking at all. And why should I? Why should I initiate conversation with someone who's only social function is to be sarcastic without a break and tear people apart? UN-FOLLOWED.

Follow For Follow and then Unfollow // Been there, had that done to you? Isn't that super annoying? I find it really really unprofessional, not to mention rude and uncultured. It's like making friends with the person next door, passing each other cute gifts and then suddenly, they've boarded up their window and now they don't send anything back, but are ready to open the door when you've decided to send something. It's a one-sided relationship where I feel extremely used. As a result, I've decided to unabashedly barge into their inboxes and demand to know why they've unfollowed me. Oh, you wanna start drama? Let's start some drama. SCREEN-SHOT.

So what kind of peeves make you mad? Part two will be coming very soon! Have a nice day :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Art Journal: Hello Dylusions!

So I set up another twitter poll (I love polls and I figured other peoples loved polls too) asking about what kind of blog post you would like to read next. The options were (1) med school shenanigans (2) art journal ramblings (3) reviews of books or movies. Surprisingly, med school shenanigans and art journal ramblings tied together with reviews coming close behind. 

Anyway, I decided to write about my art journal ramblings and was wondering what I could write when I remembered that I asked my father to get me an art journal from his trip to the United States!

Of course, I had thought about the whole process very carefully, having browsed through a couple of online stationary stores, mostly Staples, Walmart and Michaels. I initially found this very journal on Staples, where the site said that this creative journal was only available online. However, shipping would take seven or so days and time was a bit of a commodity at that time.
 I'd link to the store page and all, but apparently I'm not allowed to access them from my server? Which is really weird. Anyway, it was up for about $14 and the dimensions are 5x8 inches. I love the cover (I'm itching to do something on it, but for now, I'm going to leave the dylusions tag on it cause that looks pretty cute too).
Here's the inside. So the brown cover basically acts like a sort of folder- there's an envelope on one side to hold random things (I'm probably going to shove all my stickers there) and the actual creative journal on the side. There's 48 pages of thick cardboard paper- excuse me while I stick my nose in there and smell the pages and touch the papers all over. It's just so beautiful, I can't...

I literally cannot wait to get started on this journal? I don't want to start right away though- like. I want to save it a bit. So what I'm going to do is just doodle on the first page so I could write my name and details there (the first thing you should do when you get a really nice notebook- you stamp your name on it so no one can try to take it). 

For now though, I'm going to be working on my scrap book turned art journal wreck of a pad. I'll share about it some other day :) It's just filled with incomplete pages because I can't make up my mind on how to finish them off- should I draw something or should I put some stickers on? It's going really well though, so I'm sure I'll have something great to show when it's done! I'll be posting little "work-in-progress" pictures on my Instagram so you can follow me here

Have a nice day!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Summer To Do List

You know how you sit in school the whole year, waiting for summer to finally arrive so you can get out of school and do all the things you love to do but can't do because of school or homework? But when summer breaks actually start, you have no idea what to do and you end up wasting most of your summer sleeping or watching tv or something and in the end you're just like "What did I even do??".

To spare myself this agony, I keep a little to do list. Every time I think "I need to do this in summer vacations", I write it down somewhere and keep the list for when the actual day arrives! In order to keep myself motivated in regards to my summer goals, I thought I'd share them down below :)

My summer break is going to be 4 weeks long, spanning Ramadan where I'm going to be fasting, so I can't really decide to do things like "go out" or "go to the zoo" because that's just a terrible idea, fasting and doing physical activity, so I had to cut down on quite a few things. My brother is also busy with studying for the MCAT so I doubt that my family would go traveling anywhere- where the only option literally is Karachi. Anyway, without further ado, here's a random compilation of things I want to get done!

Write 5 blog posts a week// I just really need to keep things in reserve. The day I press publish is the day I sit down and type everything out, usually on a whim. It would be really stress relieving for me to have a cache of blog posts that I could publish whenever I'm busy- which happens an awful lot! So during this summer, I'd like to write up a bunch of quality posts before hand! Initially I was going for 1 blog post a day, but that seemed a bit too much :)

Write 2 pieces of poetry// It's been forever since I've written anything? I'd always wanted to write stories and publish books and would you believe it or not, I was a compulsive poetry writer when I was eleven. I seem to have thrown out those notebooks (we moved around a lot back then) though so I'm going to have restart on things. 2 seems like a great number to work towards.

Work on my art journal// I've been wanting to do this since forever? I really want to get my art game back up, so I've been journaling a bit, here and there, mixing between scrap-book and art journal styles. I've got a ton of supplies scattered here and there, some incomplete, some ready to use, so this task also means going out and shopping for a bunch of things like more paint brushes, white acrylic paints, glue, etc.

Re-study Neurosciences and GIT// Those are the latest things I studied and I really brush up my knowledge on those subjects. We're currently studying GIT (Gastro Intestinal Tract) and to be very honest, I haven't been studying at all because 1. I'm fasting, how do you expect me to go to school AND study?? 2. I was sick for a few days and that really throws me off my study routine. So I need to make sure I have all my studying handled and up to date!

Finish medical statistics course// I started this course on medical statistics and it's supposedly a total of 24 hours long and I think I've only covered... maybe one hour?? Yes, I've barely done anything and I should really get a move on in that department. It's not a hard course (I think) just a bit of math and stuff and I often have to rewind the video if I was busy doing something else because then I don't understand a word of what's happening.

Make or buy Eid cards and mail them// I actually got this idea from my friend (wink wonk wink) who was just voicing out ideas to me and I thought 'hey that's actually pretty cool, lemme steal that' but now that I've stolen it, I have no idea what to do and I kind of feel like Scott Lang at the moment. I've got this amazing idea (suit) which I stole from a super genius but now I think it might be way too much for me to handle. Should I toss the idea (suit) back over the fence or keep it for another day?

So those are my main goals for this summer break! Of course I haven't included my Ramadan goals here cause those are a completely separate thing, which consist of mostly re-memorizing a lot of stuff I memorized when I was like, ten but don't remember that well right now. It's going to be hard but I need to get it done.

So what are your plans for your summer break? Any travel plans? Book plans? Shopping plans? :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stay Cool This Summer!

So Ramadan has started and it looks like it's going to be a tough one. I'm not trying to scare anyone- I just want to make sure everyone realizes how important it is to take care of yourself! Even if you're not fasting, you can still fall prey to discomforts like dehydration and low blood pressure- heat injury is the broad category! It's really important to alter your diet and lifestyle according to the season. I know everyone loves drinking their tea and coffee hot, but it's time to cut down on warm drinks and focus on staying cool.

Here are five ways you can stay cool and make sure the heat doesn't make short work of you!

Drink lots of fluid with salts. Drinking just water is not enough! You lose a lot of fluid and salts when you sweat and you need to make sure your intake of salt and water is adequate! Have some lemonade, make yourself some lassi, just keep drinking whenever you can!

Wear light, cool clothing. I made the terrible mistake of wearing a cloth that wasn't suited for warm weather. It made me feel really weird- I had no idea that I was feeling hot but that's what happened! And after that, you can imagine how horrible I felt- with nausea, vomitting and generalized weakness and lethargy. So to spare yourself the horror of a perfect summer day (or perhaps, even the whole week) wasted, dress right for summer.

Take cold showers. It's just literally the best immediate remedy for a hot summer day. A nice shower leaves you feeling fresh and cool for the rest of the day. It's a great way to get the dirt and grime off as well as cool your body down from the outside.

Increase intake of cold milk products like yogurt and lassi.

Stay in cool/air conditioned environments. Don't go out in the heat unless you absolutely have to! If you do have to go out, remember to stay in the shade. Wearing your sunglasses wouldn't hurt. When you come back, take measures to cool yourself down, whether it's an icy cold lemonade or a shower and relax in a room with air conditioning or a fan.

Take care of yourselves. If you take precautionary measure to stay safe, you definitely won't be falling prey to heat injury. But wait- what is heat injury you ask?

Heat injury is a lesser degree of a phenomenon known as heat stroke. Heard of it? Heat stroke is basically what happens when your body is unable to cope with high temperatures, resulting in a fever (increased internal temperature of your body) and unconsciousness. It can happen due to external influences (hot weather) combined with behavior (exercising/clothing). Anything obstructing your body's mechanisms for heat loss can cause heat injury.

It's extremely important to stop a heat injury from becoming a heat stroke, or a heat stroke from staying a heat stroke. High temperatures in the body can lead to proteins and cells denaturing, which in the bigger picture, can lead to organ failure. While trying it's best to keep cool, your body can increase it's heart rate and cause more blood to flow to your skin so that the heat can be transmitted to the environment. With the heart working so hard and most of the blood going to the skin, your heart can become weak. These are just two ways that heat stroke can cause death if left untreated!

Here's are some nice informational graphics:


Stay safe this summer and don't do anything stupid :) Have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Planner for May!

So I had put up a poll on twitter, asking about a blog post idea I had and I had gotten quite some interest about it. I'd been planning on writing this post yesterday, but things happened. Basically, I got a little heat injury. It's like a milder form of heat stroke and I spent my day in bed, feeling awful. I even took the day off today. I'm better now Alhamdulillah and I hope to be back at school fresh and ready tomorrow :) For now, let's get back to the post!

yeh alag baat k sirf che logon ne vote kiya

Now my planner is nothing special. It's a cheap notebook I got for like 80c at Walmart during their school sale. The main reason I picked it up was because of it's size and the cover; light blue with lots and lots of owls. And I just found it really cute so I had to grab it for planning. The pages are decent, although they blot across occasionally if I use felt tip or heavy ink pens. That's not a problem for me because, like I said, it's nothing special. I like to focus on practicality rather than aesthetic when it comes to something important like this.

Since May started on a Sunday, you get to see a bit of April too. I split the page down to four columns, making a total of eight columns on a spread page, seven for each day of the week and the eight is for miscellaneous note/to-do-lists. If I had a really busy day studying or if my weekend did not have anything remarkable happen, that day's section usually ends up being quite empty. I use the empty spaces for other notes sometimes, like you can see here. I had had an exam on Friday so I made a small list of topic I could have performed better on and needed to study again.

I incorporate a lot of things in my planner. The little black writing next to the date is a summarized version of my schedule at med school. We have three slots in a day and I quickly write all of them down for the week on Sunday night. Then I occasionally fill the week according to the topics I'd need to study. Some other things I also add in are meetings that I need to attend, when I should write/publish a blogpost, as well as any visits I may have made or my extended family may have made to my house. You can see all three of these things- med school, blogging and family- scribbled in the pages.

Sometimes if something really exciting (or urgent) happens, I write in colored ink. Here you can see that it was my birthday on Monday, the 9th of May and that it hailed in Islamabad on Tuesday. These are pretty important events! If you move on, you can see that I've written my result for the last test I gave, which was on the last Friday of April (the first planner picture you saw). I thought I could do better, so I wrote myself a little note there to remind myself. I certainly need to work harder!

Of course sometimes you have stuff planned and they don't work out in the end. The task is either left with an uncolored box or I just simply cross it out. If it's left uncolored, it probably means that I did study that day, but not that topic. And if I've slashed it completely, it means I didn't even bother doing it at all. I can't be perfect and complete all my tasks, even if they are very few, but that too has to be recorded!

The main style of my planner is based on bullet journaling. I love the idea of making lists and working my way through them, but I like to have things spread out over a calendar, instead of long lists. That and, it should look organized. It took me a while to create this format for myself to use and now that I've finally perfected it, I've been using this over and over. This is perhaps the third journal I've worked through in this format and it's been great for me!

The last days of May fall in to the spread for the first week of June, so here you get to see an incomplete journal page. As you can see, today is Wednesday, I had to write the blogpost I was supposed to write Tuesday, and below that is a bunch of stuff I have to study! I've done about half of them so far and hadn't got the chance to color the boxes before taking the picture, so I'll have you know I'm not really a slacker! Most of the time!

So that's an overview of my planner for May! I hope you liked it and got to see a little about how my May went. Do you keep a planner? Does it help you keep your tasks and goals organized? Have a nice day!
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