Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5 Unpopular Blogging Opinions

Today I decided to rant a little bit about some opinions I have that may be considered 'unpopular' or 'impolite' to actually voice out, because, well, they might be considered offensive to some people, or some bloggers might take them too seriously. If you clicked on this post to be offended, be well warned. You will be offended.

Why are there so many fashion bloggers and why are all of them so popular? I don't really have a thing against fashion bloggers, but most of them talk about an outfit that would be the equivalent to the price of my entire wardrobe? I don't understand how fashion bloggers can have an overabundance of expensive outfits they can keep posting about on their blogs. Make-up tutorials and posts make a lot more sense though. Another thing that surprises me is the constant demand for more fashion bloggers. The Blogger's Hub sends me an email every week, updating me about their assignments that bloggers can apply to and almost every single one of them asks for a fashion blogger. I am so done at the moment.

In general, fan girl blogs rub me the wrong way. Blogs like these should stay on tumblr, not migrate to blogger. Don't get me wrong, it's really nice to see people talk about things they love every now and then, but if most of your content is about musicians and actors and singers, I'm going to find the blogger very creepy, not to mention shallow since most of such posts tend to focus on physical aesthetic alone. The fact that some of these bloggers have a huge following just boggles my mind. There is little to no original content except for incoherent ramblings, most of which are eloquently expressed by the size of your capitalized text and the amount of GIFs.

I think everybody already knows about those follow for follow comments. Follow me on GFC and I'll follow you back! There is probably a tremendous amount of followers you can gather this way (and most would be fashion bloggers) but that would really be a hollow victory. So that's why I tend to just follow blogs I really like. There are moments when I reach out first, follow first and comment first, all in one session and sometimes I don't even get a visit back. I'm a busy person- I can't constantly comment on people's new posts and let them know they have a new reader- to be honest, I often can't find the time to reply to comments on my own blog. But that's beside the point.

There's a new phenomenon in the blogging world- vague blogging and call-out posts. Vague blogging is when you indirectly talk about someone on your blog (kind of what I'm doing at the moment) in the hopes that they'll read it and put the pieces together themselves. If you're adamant on tossing mud around, chances are I'm going to think you're an awful person and I'd quite like to hit you. Call out posts are direct trash talking about a group or person. Once again, it just makes you sound like an overall idiot. I get it, you don't like it when someone who's only read the first book of Harry Potter is super excited and asks why you aren't as excited, you don't like it when people talk about things you like with their friends and not with you, I get it. Does that mean you should start blogging aggressively about it? Um, well you could, to be honest, but I'd throw you out of my feed.

Fifth, and not least, one thing that really makes me mad is passive aggressive blogging. These are the kinds of bloggers who write manipulatively, throwing their insecurities out and expecting to be patted on the back for them. "Nobody likes what I write, I don't get comments, people just look at my blog and don't follow, I should delete my blog. Yeah, I'm going to delete my blog once and for all", writes the typical passive aggressive blogger. I just look at my screen like-

You have over 500 followers. You have over 50 comments on each post. You have 20 times the overall view of my blog. And you show up in my feed to say this. And on the feed of countless other bloggers who are doing much worse than you. And only hours later, your blog will be flooded with positive messages, all saying "don't go! we'll miss you so much!". Maybe if that happened once, I'd be okay with that. But I've come across bloggers who start up on this passive aggression even more regularly than a menstrual period. Every month, on the dot, there will a post "Oh I'm so useless, so boring, I should go, I'll be so easily replaced, no one will miss me" and every month on the dot there will be positive messages spammed by almost the same people. I don't even want to talk about this anymore, it just makes me terribly angry at how pathetically inconsiderate some bloggers can be to other bloggers.

Well, here you have it! 5 Unpopular Opinions I have about blogging! Are there any unpopular opinions that you have? What kind of things make you really mad when it comes to blogging?


  1. Wow I love this post! (Especially the fashion blogs where they have this 'disclaimer' 'not sponsored by (so and so brand)' *rolls eyes*) Well, I hope I didn't and won't make the above mistakes/pet peeves in my own blog! Nevertheless, after reading this post, my brain told me to follow your blog. So.. have a nice day!

    1. Why thank you Zelus! It's okay to do things like this occasionally, but once it's a set habit and its happening regularly- well, that's something you should avoid!
      Have a wonderful day yourself :)

  2. OMG I love the Pacific Rim theme! And yes, I think its judgement and negative criticism that really gets to me when blogging :/
    Live and let live!

    1. Ah yes. People love criticizing, but they don't know how to criticize exactly. Criticism should be constructive- if you can help someone improve, by all means, criticize but offer a solution as well! If you can't do that, then just don't say anything at all!
      Live and let live :D

  3. Just saw your post promoted on Twitter and am here for the first time. This is such a true entry! I haven't come across the passive agressive bloggers or the vague blog posts but OH MY am I sick of fashion bloggers' flooding all my feeds! Haha! How much make up and how many tutorials and reviews does the world really need?! I've done a few nail polish reviews myself and I do post about my outfits sometimes too but none of them are brand concious will-make-you-broke kind of entries. My blog has enough variety of posts to handle one fashion/makeup post every few weeks!
    Good one!
    ~ Saraallie

    1. Welcome to my blog, Sara :D
      For real! It's one thing to blog cultural fashion, it's another to just randomly keep posting different outfits? Tbh accessorizing sounds like a much better category of posts- nail polishes, jewelry, make up etc.
      Ooh, looks like I should check out your blog ASAP!!

  4. I feel like you should've ended this post with *Boom mike drop* :P

    1. You know I never really got what this internet meme is about xD but alright!

      **Boom. Mic drop**

  5. It's like I wrote this post myself! 😂 I competely agree with everything you've just said!


  6. This gives me life! If I see one more "lifestyle" blogger that only talks about her clothes and her makeup I'm going to slap somebody! I don't understand why such shallow topics like makeup and clothing are so popular. More popular than topics with substance!

    Rant away! whomever has a problem can have a seat! 🙌🏾👏🏾


    1. You're absolutely right about that Chelsea! Lifestyle is so much more than just beauty blogging. Lifestyle can be about interesting things like gardening, photography- it's a mixed bag really!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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