Sunday, April 26, 2015

HELP : Surviving School

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, I am Khalisah from The Scribbles of Joy. You might be wondering why I am here today. Well, Kanra and I thought that we should collaborate and talk about school together! We all know how school can get really boring but of course, there are ways to enlighten your day during school hours. Therefore, I'll be sharing with some tips on Survivng School!

Have your stomach ever growled in the middle of the class? I know it can be a little bit embarrassing, don't worry I have experienced that so you're not alone. To avoid this, try bringing some snacks into class and have a munch whenever you're hungry. If you educator does not allow you to do so, then just munch on them during breaks! Easy isn't it? It would be fun and joyful when everyone in your class bring something each week. You can't say no to this, food taste better when we share. If you ran out of ideas of what snacks to bring to class, here are some of my favourite snacks!
Left to Right: M&M's Birthday Cake | Fox's Crystal Clear Fruits | M&M's Milk Chocolate

Whenever you feel sleepy in class, simply just doodle on a piece of unused paper. You don't really want to submit your assignment which is full of doodles. Let's be real and honest, I have fallen asleep in classes so many times because I was tired. Recently, I would randomly doodle in my notebook to myself awake and it helps me. A warning though, this might distract you a little from listening in class if you are not able to multitask. Don't be afraid my friends, keep sweets in your pockets because sugar is what you need! Let your inner artsy-soul reveal itself.

School would be so much fun when your friends are around. A great bunch of friends can really motivate you to work and study hard. Whenever you're in doubt, you know you can count on them and they would gladly help you. In classes, it is good to buddy up with someone. That way, you can check with him/her whenever you miss a class.

Do not forget to check out Catalina Blue's post on The Scribble of Joy! I am really honoured to write on this blog and have enjoyed myself greatly collaborating with Catalina! This would not be the only time we would collaborate, for sure! Catalina writes really well and I am always on my toes reading her blog. Thank you Catalina for collaborating with me. Have a great day, week and month ahead of you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul


I managed to finally finish watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul after hearing so much about it. A lot of people told me to watch it because "it was amazing" and as a result, was considered a hit anime. After a month or two- when the first season's fervor died down, I decided to sit down and make my own opinion of the show.

Like the main character of most anime, Kaneki Ken is a loner who conveniently has deceased family and only one friend. Oh- and a whole lot of bad luck. He enters the world of ghouls when he walks into a ghoul-run cafe but he has no idea- yet. Things get worse when he is befriended by the "binge eater" ghoul named Rize who (obviously) decides to eat him.

Back up. What are ghouls?

Ghouls are basically a bit cooler than vampires. They can only consume human flesh and coffee, when their ghoul sticks out, their sclera turns black and irises become red. They also have these powers called kagunes (which I haven't figured out yet) and best part- they don't burn in sunlight or sparkle.

So Kaneki is about to get eaten by Rize when a mysterious accident happens, resulting in Kaneki and Rize being rushed to the hospital and a doctor transplanting Rize into Kaneki. Weird? Wait until Kaneki starts showing his ghoul too.

The city of Tokyo is divided into sections and each section is generally run by a gang of sorts who claim the  "territory" in which they can feed. Kaneki doesn't know about these ghoul politics and but manages to catch the attention of a more peaceful ghoul organization that runs a coffee shop called "Anteiku". Here, Kaneki is slowly brought into the world of ghouls and the meaning of the new life he has been given.

So the story is pretty well developed and Kaneki is really relatable. He's a normal "nice" kid and loves reading, gets along with kids and really wants to keep his human friend. He's also a sort of pacifist- always apologizing and trying not to hurt other people. When he's hungry, he tries lots of different ways to stop himself from turning into a blood thirsty monster- including telling the guy who want's to kill him to run before he's eaten.

One thing I didn't like was the censorship. The censors were terrible. Why would you black out half a screen in this weird, cheap sort of way. I mean, if you wanted to censor an entire season, you should have had a budget for it. And most of the censors didn't make sense. So you have to invert a scene where it's literally raining blood but you can show the guy with the white suit turn all red when it's over and the blood drops on his face and his freaky expression? And what's with choking being censored? That was ridiculous, especially when you could see the edge of the hand around the person's neck but the censor is this weird slanted curtain hiding the neck.

There are uncensored version available but there is no way I'm going to waste my time to rewatch episodes just to see some extra blood scenes.

To sum up, Tokyo Ghoul was an interesting anime and it's certainly understandable to see how it has become popular. I would suggest this to you if you are interested in the supernatural, can stomach blood and excessive violence, like being presented with gray areas/moral dilemmas where you can debate about who's right and who's wrong, then Tokyo Ghoul is probably worth it.

I'd give it a 4/5.

I would also give it a classification of PG16+ due to excessive violence, torture and psychopathic characters. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Notebook Entry #2


I got a lot of positive feedback when I posted pictures of my notebook, so I thought I could post some more pictures while I hadn't really thought of a solid blogpost to write yet. I hope to be writing something special in this upcoming week though. Till then, take a second look at my notebook :)

I have this obsession with themed posts having a header.

The classification of types of cartilage- based on histology, function, locations and miscellaneous differences.

Conduction of nerve impulses via Action Potential!

A table differentiating between Graded Potentials and Action Potentials.

Currently writing up lecture notes about bones ^^.

A common question that might pop up is "how do you make these notes?". Well, basically, I take the various books I have (half of which are virtual) and skim through the chapter, looking for tables and charts especially. Those are the best. Then I'll summarize as much as I can while adding little details that I found new or interesting. And then, when I need to study, out come the highlighters! I haven't revised my notes yet, so that's why they look clean right now :)

Have a great week! ^^.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015!


1/4th of the year is over! Doesn't that make you feel like time slipping by so fast? And here I am, back to picking up grains of memories so I can remember what I did that made the world suddenly spin faster.

March Blogposts:
Writing Horror: The part where Kanra gets obsessed over horror stories and tries picking up the DON'Ts off of Wattpad and writing her own intro.
Dealing with Stress: Where Kanra decides to write about the first feeling she felt when she realized she had to write a blogpost.
The Hippocratic Oath: That cultish aspect of medicine that Kanra decided to share with everyone.

March Photography:
I did my blood grouping. I took forever doing mine because I just couldn't prick myself. I had a friend prick me last time but she couldn't get enough blood out herself so I went to the facilitator. She pricked me and you can clearly see where most of my blood went and where it ran dry.

This is me trying to be photographic with my notes.
(Left: Natural light. Right: Flash)

This is a dandelion I found outside the masjid on the day our "Daughter of Islam" class had a party. We were studying the skin and it's clinical conditions so I captioned it "Dandelion with Alopecia".
(Alopecia means losing hair, or going bald)

Twincon2015 coming up! I'm excited to see what they've planned this year. I obviously won't be cosplaying but I was thinking of going as Erika from DRRR since she's also wearing a long dress that looks like an abaya .__. idk or I could just randomly show up.

Studying for my modular examination!! Which was on Monday. It went pretty good- better than I expected. I was quite stressed out until I got the paper. I tend to focus on how I left out the minute details and wondering what kind of questions could come that I wouldn't know.
So far, I think I've got a few minute details wrong. Like I mixed up palato and pharyngo when it came to writing the contents of the tonsillar bed. Then I got mixed up with skin grafts- auto allo iso xeno. I turned allo into auto and created a new term for allo- which was homo .__. idk why I get such small things mixed up.

Here's another studying picture where I draw this man who is divided into 11 parts, each part signifies 9% of the body's surface area according to the rule of 9. This sort of helps you gauge the seriousness of burns on a patient.

Journal Entries of March:
Tuesday, March the Fifth 2015
Med school is going okay. I'm trying out new things little by little. I'm trying to give in more inout during my SGDs and stuff. I guess I've improved but then again, we've only had four in two weeks so.
I went out with some of my friends to Chaye Khana. It was a nice experience. I've never gone out with so many people before. 

Wednesday, March the Eleventh 2015
I feel like time is slipping by so fast and so slow at the same time.
Slow because I try so hard to kill time,
Fast because I realize what I could've done after it's over.
My mind feels like a never ending checklist of things I need to do. Yet I can't seem to regurgitate my swallowed thoughts onto the page.
The infinity scrolling on this list will probably drive me mad.
Maybe writing them out would motivate me to do something for once.

Saturday, March the Fourteenth 2015
I've been trying to be productive this Saturday and so far, it's going good. I have written quite a few tasks and most of them are done and I'll be rewarding myself tonight by finally watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" in bed with my siblings.

Wednesday, March the Eighteenth 2015
Itna blank face bana k kyun bethi ho.
(Why are you sitting with such a blank face)

Friday, March the Twentieth 2015
I really don't like going out. I don't like ironing my clothes or changing them or getting up or leaving the house at all. It's just too much effort sometimes. Also, I think I'm starting to feel greedy about my time- I don't want to spend it with anyone, for anyone.
Technically, that's not a good thing because "sharing is caring" and the more you give, the more you get.
Well, I took the first step. Recognizing the problem.

Monday, March the Twenty third 2015
There's a lot of things I really want to try out and learn and this list seems to be expanding every few days.
I was seriously considering to join SDL because one of the seniors said that it looks impressive on your CV and that he had never debated until he came to shifa.
Then I realized he was already confident from the start- he just didn't debate.
I'm thinking about getting an observership too. They don't count in the same way electives do (and don't count at all if they're from Pakistan) but I figured I'd learn something that would be worth it.
Baba took me out for another driving lesson. This time I joined the afternoon traffic. It wasn't so bad considering it was a holiday. He says I need another lesson on the motorway sometime.
One of my blogging buddies, Riley sent me a vlog she did recently. It's amazing and I really want to do a vlog too. You just film yourself saying things that you'd write on a blog. I was really amazed and inspired. Of course I wouldn't upload my videos everywhere but they would definitely be nice entertaining records of med school after I'm gone and done.
Besides, memoirs like that- like this. Would be fantastic to keep.

No planner pages for this month! March was so hectic and busy, I didn't get to write half the stuff I had to do. As a result, most of the pages are empty, so I won't be sharing those.

So how did your March go? Did you accomplish anything? What are your plans for April?
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