Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dealing with Stress


I need to find a pet name for my readers too- the way Bryleigh has "Blossoms" and other bloggers use the ever favorite "lovelies". I was thinking about "Hullo friends!" but that sounds way too cheerful to suit me. I'll think of something soon. (How about "Hey there, Guardians" LOL)

Anyway- let's talk about stress. It's a natural coping reaction many of us face when we feel like we can't handle anything or if we're being overwhelmed. It's not exactly a positive coping reaction, but it's a warning shot that tells us to slow down. In a way, it's a lot like pain. Even though pain hurts and we don't like it, it's still a protective function of our body.

Can you see my wonderful drawing and artistic capabilities :D
Yes, that's a hijabi in the background.
So how do we deal with stress? I'm going to categorize stress into three things. Short term stress (like when you suddenly realize you forgot your assignment and you have to 'fess up to the teacher), not-that-long-of-a-term stress (like when you have a week's pile of homework to get through) and long term stress (like finances of the month).

I'm honestly going say this straightforwardly, I am extremely lacking in the first category. I take so much stress on the smallest things and have a tendency to develop full-blown panic attacks where I'm completely frozen and my mind just stops functioning and I'm just praying for the day to be over so I could be back in the safety of my home where no one can unbalance me again.

But. I think I can handle not-that-long-of-a-term stress pretty well. This is the stress you get when you get tons of reading assignments, have a couple of extra activities going on and find yourself wasting precious time. The result? You're beating your head against the wall and wasting even more time thinking about the time you've already wasted!

So here's a list of a couple of things I do when I'm faced with a gigantic to-do-list and a ticking clock!

1. Back off and breath. Push your books and phone away and take out your planner. Write down everything you need to do and figure out how much time you actually have. Divide your work in chunks and tick them off as you go along.

2. Feeling overwhelmed and can't focus? Go take a nice long hot shower and just think about how good you feel. Relax and destress yourself. It'll help you focus later.

3. Halfway through your work and feel your brain dying on you? Revive it with a nice cup of coffee! (or tea, whichever you prefer). This method works pretty well for me- when I'm on a roll and feel my battery draining, coffee puts me right back on track without totally disrupting the flow.

4. Can't study for that test because there's too much left that you haven't done? Close your book and go to sleep. Don't stay awake all night studying- it's not going to be worth it. Honestly, having a good nights sleep is better than spending the next day entirely disoriented, grumpy and mildly depressed because you decided that a test was more important than your well-being.

5. Tell someone how you feel. I'm not a very feelsy person, so I tend to either rant in my journal or rant to Birdie about what's going on. Complaining might not help your overall situation, but once you see your feelings written or typed out, they don't seem as gigantic as they feel. You'll probably pick yourself up afterwards and say "Thank God that's out of my system. Let's get back to work."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I manage the not-that-long-of-a-term stress! I might not use all of these techniques all of the time- but I try my best to handle what tasks are thrown at me and this list is what I drew up from my experience.

How do you deal with this kind of stress?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Writing Horror

Assalamualaikum ^^.

"Write a book you want to read" is what I always tell myself after closing a book that leaves me momentarily unsatisfied. There will always be some books out there with brilliant plots and amazing ideas but some angle taken up would most probably be labelled as cringeworthy and that's not what we're aiming for. We're aiming for read worthy.

Now why am I talking about Wattpad? Because this website has suddenly re-entered my life. I've decided to write my poetry on Wattpad and at the same time, try to satiate my hunger for a smashing horror or thriller book. Unfortunately, it hasn't been working out so far.

Most horror books tend to be about zombies or vampires. I'm not saying they can't be horrific, but it's just that I wan't something absolutely fresh. Everybody knows zombies are bad and that they're basically rotting humans who are undead. And everybody knows vampires are devilspawns who are basically wax humans who are... also undead?

I don't want to read a horror story about something I already know about!

After reading through a couple of horror stories, I felt as though I would never find anything I would actually like. I didn't feel mildly horrified or even emotionally attached to any of the characters to feel their pain and fear typed rapidly on the screen without proofreading.

There WAS this one story that really creeped me out. Ted the Caver. This was one of the most brilliant pieces of horror I had ever come across. This story frightened me and I found myself actually looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows and regaining my childish fear of the dark. In other words?

Ted the Caver is pure awesomeness. And I want more.

That's where the problem comes up.

"Write a book you want to read" is what I say to myself after reading feeble attempts at horror. I'm starting to think I'll go mad if I don't write something! So let's try it.


It was his first time taking the night shift at the asylum. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This was the only job that would take him without questions and this was the schedule he had been given for the day.
He had seen many things that had shocked him and turned his world upside down. He had a feeling this would be one of those things again. His gut was telling him to run and get out before it was too late.
"And this would be your handy flashlight" finished the guard who had been on the evening shift. "I didn't use it at all so it should have full battery, but in case you need more, there's some inside the desk in the guard room"
He jerked his thumb at the door behind him.
"Anything else I should know-" he asked, glancing at the name on the shirt tag- "Mike?"
Mike thought for two seconds.
"Well, if you get hungry, there's free food in the basement cafeteria" he said, grinning and then punched him lightly on the shoulder. "But don't pig out in there"
He found himself relaxing and telling his gut to shut up. He exchanged greetings with Mike and watched the older man leave, walking through the front yard and head towards the open gate, that appeared very far away, illuminated only by small lamps on either side of the wall.
Sucking in his breath and clipping the flashlight to his belt, he entered the asylum.
A blast of cold air greeted him. He shivered and shut the door, walking into the lobby and taking out the ring of keys. First things were first- check all the doors and lock them if they're unlocked. It was a daunting task, considering that every floor had it's own enormous ring of keys. He was sure it would take all night.
He started from the right wing of the asylum, ground floor. Out patient department, the sign read. That meant that this was where the crazies got sorted into really crazy or actually crazy. He had seen one of the actually crazies throw a terrible fit with one of the doctors here. He had seen because he had been on the morning shift that day.
It was a horrible affair. She had been perfectly calm, he was told, until the doctor brought up something about "confronting your inner demons" which had triggered some sort of violent reflex. She had launched herself at the doctor, easily tossing aside the attendant who had jumped to restrain her and without warning, grabbed his throat in a snake-like grip. Luckily, the doctor was a veteran with the actually crazies and had pressed the alarm button as soon as he saw her tense into a pounce in her chair. Better safe than sorry.
He had arrived just in time to see her throw off the attendant again, still holding the doctor's neck. He didn't have time to think- he had swung his metal stick into the back of her head and she had crumpled after an audible sound that made him sick to his stomach.
He took it upon himself to patrol the gardens outside the asylum and no one had a problem with that. Until he found the actually crazy woman staring at him from her window on the fourth floor every day whenever he was there. He changed his timings day after day but she was always watching. He was too terrified and ashamed to raise his voice and greet her, or perhaps ask her what the problem was. Although she hadn't seen him hit her, he had a sickening feeling that she knew. The baleful glare he flinched from every time he raised his gaze towards the asylum was proof of it.
She was on the fourth floor, left wing. He would have to go to her eventually, but the night was short and the doors were many. He hoped he could focus on his job and forget about the crazies who were all gathered in the asylum. His job was to lock them up.
Lock them up.
A cold shiver ran up his spine as he heard a door groan and bang in the silence of the corridor.
Surely the ward rooms were locked?


I can't help it. I'm getting obsessed with horror. I can't watch horror movies though (more like, I'm too scared to go to movies yet- better stay on Level 1:Books). Do you have any suggestions for good horror novels?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015!

We're back to the beginning of a new month! March is here- and you know what that means? Spring! And you know what spring means? Summer! And you know what summer means!
I really wish I could keep February going just so I don't have to face those disgusting little bugs.

Anyway- back to the wrap up! Here are some posts I wrote this month:
Embryology: The Origin
Sorrow Not Mine
Take a Look at my Notebook?
H is for Heme

Here are some pictures I uploaded on tumblr and instagram:
Bought a new bag. I was really surprised when Guyton and Hall fit into it!

Here's a flow chart I made for the physiology test I had on Thursday.

Here's the doodling I've been doing on the back of my study guide which, indeed, is red.

This is how I explain concepts to my eight year old brother so I understand them myself.

I get random compliments about my notes :)

And then there was SIST'15!

Here are the pages from my planner for February 2015:
This is the calender page.

First week of February.

Second week of February.

Third week of February

Fourth week of February

I have not been writing in my journal consistently, however. There are only three entries for February and I'm going to try writing more in March and then merge the two journals together.

And last thing before I end this post! Here's a quote from one of my most favorite movie ever!

 Now, you and I are the only thing standin' between that ugly bastard and a city of 2 million people! Now we have a choice here: we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid. -Pacific Rim  

So how did your February go?

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